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Artist Aux Interview: TERRI

Updated: May 2, 2020

May 1, 2020 by Lang F, Eno O

December 2019 was my first time in Lagos & it was lit! There was so much to do - partying, sightseeing, networking, eating, etc. I enjoyed every minute of it! All thanks go to Wizkid & his crew for making sure I was never missing in action. However, I soon realized Terri wasn’t present during most of the festive period. He actually spent most of that time working on music. Upon discovering this, I joined him in the studio for a few of those sessions & heard the sounds now collectively titled Afro Series.

It’s now May & the world is basically on lockdown because of COVID-19. However, Terri is in a great mood since he’s be dropping new music. Eno & I caught up with him via WhatsApp video call, so we definitely discussed that & more! We had a great conversation & definitely learned a lot about him. We went beyond the usual media talk of Terri getting discovered & signed to Starboy Entertainment. We actually got to find out who Terri was before then & how we got into music.

Growing up in Lagos, the 20-year old has always been a huge music head. Terri recalls getting in trouble at home for staying up late at night & listening to music. He told us “I’ve always just liked the way music makes me feel.” That reason and his musical inspirations such as Akon, Justin Bieber, Wizkid, & Wande Coal (to name a few) are what got him interested in becoming an artist.

Terri was well known in his high school for singing. He even joked about how girls would pull him aside between classes & ask him to sing for them. Encouragement from his peers was another motivating factor in Terri’s pursuit of a music career. He enjoyed recording with his friends with whom he'd put little money together for sessions at a neighborhood studio. Terri reminisced, “people loved my music & kept asking for more. I wouldn’t make music if people didn't love it, the reception is what pushed me to keep going.” Vampire Beatz, Terri’s sound engineer, is one of these people that believed in Terri & still does to date. He actually recorded most of Terri’s vocals for this debut tape - Afro Series.

The name of the EP came about one day after Terri thoroughly listened to all the songs on the project. He thought to himself, “this is real afro music, from the drums and all the rest of the elements put together this is what real afrobeats music sounds like.”

“Ojoro”, the project’s lead single, is a fun and upbeat record produced by Sarz. Terri had always wanted to work with the legendary beatmaker. Despite them both being Starboy affiliates, working together wasn’t that easy as Sarz is highly sought after and a respected OG in the game. So when Terri finally got “Sarz on the beat”, he was determined to record something special. Terri remembers “there was great energy that night in the studio when I recorded.” Ojoro happens to be my favorite record on the tape, and I can’t imagine any other artist bouncing on that beat the way Terri did.

My second favorite track is definitely “Wake Up”! There’s so much energy on that record, especially in the horns & Terri’s vocal delivery. It’s even a bit braggadocious & I love it! There’s a part on this song where Terri boasts that he’s the one who really ‘killed it’ on “Soco”, arguably 2018’s biggest Afrobeats record! I’m glad he has that much passion & belief in his craft! We love to see it!

“Doo” is a smooth track that Terri says “alot of people can relate to.” The verses are really engaging, and the hook is very heartfelt. Terri explained the title “Doo” comes from a mix between the native languages in Edo State and Delta State, where his parents are from. “It’s a word I heard growing up and it kinda translates to please or abeg.”

I encourage everyone to listen to this project in its entirety. I really enjoy it. There’s definitely good music on there, and it all really gives exciting insight on what’s next to come in Terri’s career!

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